Cleaning and auxiliary work without cleaning products :
8,00€/hour, minimal charge 40,00€

Cleaning with tools and cleaning products:
11,00€/hour, minimal charge 55€ + 10€ transport (flat rate in BA, outside BA 0,5€/km) or price for cleaning the premises on basis of a free personal inspection

Easy removal works or more demanding auxiliary work:
10,00€/hour, minimal charge 50€

Window cleaning:
See the hour rate or 1,00€ to 2,00€/m2 accessible; 2,0€ to 2,50€/m2 to 6m height

Window blinds cleaning:
See the hour rate or 1,00€ to 2,00€/m2 depending on the amount of dirt

Shampoo cleaning:
a) carpets 1,00€ to 1,50€/m2
b) armchair 5,00€/place, pillows 1,50€/ unit
c) bed 8€/unit , double bed 15€/unit
d) chairs 1,00€ to 2,00€/unit
e) car cleaning 45 – 60€
Minimal total price of requested deep cleaning work is 50€ + 10€ transport in BA

Work at height:
The price will be set based on inspection, depending on the complexity and amount

Prices excl. VAT